Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We accept cash payment only for all purchases made at the studio.
Class packages purchased are non-transferrable, which means that there is only one ownership for each package purchased. However, with our new package enhancement, you are allowed to bring up to 2 guests to work out with you, all transacted from one punch card.
How does it work?
Card Owner only = 1 class punch on card owner’s card
Card Owner + 1 guest = 2 class punches on card owner’s card
Card Owner + 2 guests = 3 class punches on card owner’s card
Result: Up to 20% savings as compared to walk-in rate.
There is strictly no extension of expiry date from the point of purchase, for whatever reasons.
A punch card written with your NAME, SERIAL CODE and EXPIRY DATE will be issued to you at the point of purchase. Simply present the card each time you attend a class.
Comfortable clothing that do not restrict your movements in class. We strongly discourage being barefoot in class. Do remember to bring a pair of comfy shoes and towel! Bottled/canned drinks can also be purchased at the reception counter.
In 2017, existing and new 10-Class Fitness cardholder, 20-Class Fitness cardholder & 10-Class Dance cardholder may bring up to a maximum of 2 guests to work out along with them in any class they’re attending, all deducted from their own punch card! It’s hassle free and the guests do not need to undergo any registration procedure.
This new enhancement aims to:
– Encourage your loved ones to exercise along with you.
– Prevent cards from being underutilized upon reaching the expiry date.
– Promote the spirit of giving, especially to those who may not be in a favourable circumstance.
Terms and Conditions apply.