About Us

Founded by Ash Ali and Jaypee Pendoza,

Beatfactory Fitness is a venue where people gather to enjoy life through fitness. We advocate an inclusive, fun and welcoming environment where anyone and everyone could just be themselves. We promote an encouraging culture where members are guided and motivated all throughout their journey with us. So if you’re looking for a second home, be part of the Beatfactory Fitness family.

Armed with more than 11 years of industry experience in the dance scene, Ash is also the Founder and Managing Director of The Ash Productions, a company which offers bespoke dance services to a wide range of clientele. He has organized and produced dance and Zumba® Fitness events, conducted master classes and workshops globally, performed in theatre and judged international and local dance competitions.

Comparatively, with more than 8 years in the dance fitness industry, Jaypee is also a Part Owner of 360 Fitness Club, which is a fitness chain that provides a more effective, efficient, and fun alternative to traditional forms of exercise to its members. He is part of the Pioneer Batch of Zumba® Fitness instructors in the Philippines and has conducted fitness events nationwide. He has also judged in local dance competitions and has appeared in lifestyle themed television broadcasts.

The Ash Productions was originally a one-stop provider for dance and fitness services and housed all its dance fitness classes in Orchard Central. Due to the increasing demand for both services, separating them was a must for focused efforts.

With their overflowing love and passion for dance fitness and entrepreneurship, Ash and Jaypee partnered up to bring Beatfactory Fitness into life. With Ash as its Managing Director, Beatfactory Fitness is the arm that focuses on fitness services.

Beatfactory Fitness dedicates itself to:

  • Providing a more effective and fun way of living a healthy lifestyle
  • Creating a holistic fitness experience for all our members and clients
  • Developing the strengths of our team while ensuring optimum returns for their hard work
  • Giving back to our members and to our community